Aggression affects relationships and deteriorates mental health.

#Health is wealth

We all have heard about this famous quote from our early life. But, what we have understood from this quote is only physical health. When we feel sick when we got injured, we go to the doctor but when someone feel low, when someone is worried, we do not take it as a health problem which is called mental health problem, another form of health that is often ignored by us. And we do not go to psychologists to make it better as we go to the doctors to make our physical health better because we do not consider mental issues a problem.

Here, I am going to talk about the rising concern of Pakistan and that is aggression. Today in our societies, the aggression level is rise too much that it affects the qualities of relationships and also causes more mental health problems. Aggression in spouses becomes the cause of their divorces and also aggression in parenting styles makes their children less confident, more hesitant, less independent, and they will have more mental health problems like depression and anxiety, and behavioral problems. Children also feel fear of parents, they are not comfortable with parents, they feel hesitant to talk about their problems to their parents which will also lead them to the bad company of peers. Aggression also leads to violence and abuse.

So, we need to tackle that issue. We should make people realize that aggression is an issue and cause of many other problems and there is a need to tackle that. There are some ways that I feel can be used to aware the public of aggression problems.

  1. We can arrange webinars for the public to make them realize this burning issue.
  2. We can arrange counseling therapies for concerned people.