Eat that frog with a Pomodoro

“You may delay, but time will not, and lost time is never found again.” — — Franklin

Procrastination is a trap that many of us fall into. We all face a lot of distractions like mobile and other internet technologies while doing our important tasks. In fact, according to researchers, 95 percent of us procrastinate to some degree. Sometimes we are aware of it and sometime we do not. But this procrastination can have serious consequences. For example, even minor episodes of procrastination can make us feel guilty or demotivated. It can lead to reduced productivity and ultimately cause us to miss out on achieving our goals. So do you ever think of a technique that will help you to get rid of this phenomenon called “Procrastination”.

Later, later and that later never happen

Today I came to know the technique “eat that frog with Pomodoro” in order to defeat procrastination. Playing with Pomodoro means you just have to stay focused for 25 minutes. If you have to do a very important task and you are unable to concentrate. Set a 25 minutes timer and as the timer rings, take a short break and then back to work and repeat this activity until you complete your task. I was very excited about this project because it is an excellent way to increase productivity and get rid of this procrastination habit.

Here, I am sharing my experience of using this technique with you all. First task that I lined up for the day was preparing for my final term exams. I picked up my one of the difficult subject and made portion of them. I set my timer for 25 minutes and then start learning first portion of that subject. The subject was difficult and I was only able to do 25% of that portion in 25 minutes. I took rest for 5 minutes after the task to relax my mind and then again started learning. This task took my three to four hours.

Successful learning

My second task for this project is to take an online course of Amal fellowship. I again set the timer for 25 minutes and started taking course. After 25 minutes, I took break for 5 minutes and then went back to my course. At last after three hours, I completed my today milestone.

This technique was really helpful for me. It helped me to get focused on my important tasks. It was not so much difficult for me. I was actually able to complete my very important task that I delayed for almost 1 month. During the second task, I faced a little bit of distraction. But at the end, I was able to achieve my that day goals.

I plan on doing this for all of the tasks I have to do ever in my life because it help me keep motivated and also this technique worked on 25 minutes span which is the attention span of human. I hope so in future, my working quality would improve further.