# Just start your goal

Goals are very important. Goal setting enables us to live a life of purpose. Have you ever heard of a road without a destination? Same with us, we cannot achieve anything until we set any goal. Sometimes they are bigger and sometimes they are smaller. Sometimes we can achieve them and sometimes we fail. It is okay to fail until we learn something from it and move ahead. Once we set the goal, we should take steps to achieve that goal. We should not let others tell us that we cannot do this, just show them that we can do it. We are the writers of our life so we should let others write for us.

You can and you will

To be more focused on our goals, we should convert them into SMART goals. SMART goals help us to achieve them with more dedication and within the time limit.

Be SMART with your goal

I have also a goal and that is I want to speak English fluently. I have this goal because English is an international language and also if I want to excel in the field then I have to speak English. As I cannot speak English, it becomes a hurdle in communicating my point of view in many places. So, I set it as my SMART goal and took steps to achieve it. I start to try to talk in English with my friend. I also start writing in English. I hope that I will achieve this goal in the next three months.