Reflecting Amal Memories

“You do not need a new sunrise to start over, you only need a new mindset”

The three month journey of Amal had really been fun and full of excitement. I am still trying to digest the fact this journey will end in only a week and there will be no more sessions on weekends, no more project works and group discussions. Joining Amal is best decision of my life and I am very thankful for this journey. I have made some really good friends and learned so many things. From “discovering Why’s behind my goals” to “think positively” every single thing had really powerful impact on me. It is very difficult for me to choose only one thing from this full of learning journey like leadership, growth mindset, time management, conflict management and gratitude.

Firstly, I will discuss about growth mindset. Before joining Amal, I was very afraid to try something new and learn some new skills. I just focused on my studies. But this journey of Amal changed my perspective and now I want to learn new things every moment. I am not afraid any more to learn something new. I have already made my future plan of learning.

Exposure to Learning

The next thing which I learn from this journey and love to discuss is gratitude. Gratitude is quality of being thankful to those who help you and make your life better. I used to take help from people but I was bad at paying gratitude to them the way they deserve. After joining Amal, I realized the importance of gratitude. I promised myself to pay gratitude to everyone who helped me in my hours of need. Also, to thank ALLAH for everything. I have started sending handmade cards to my friends for expressing my gratitude and trust me this is the best feelings.

Be Thankful

Thank you Team Amal Academy for making me realize the importance of gratitude in our life.