Starting leadership from own self

Leadership is nothing for which you need to have a big team, an empire or a authority. For leadership, you just have to take a responsibility of your own actions and for others too. For leadership, start taking responsibilities, initiative and ownership. Here, I am Alisha talking about my act of taking responsibility and accomplishing that responsibility.

I was sitting in my bedroom doing my project-work. I noticed that my bed was messy, the blanket was not in right position, cloth hangers were spread on bed.

It’s how messy beds look like

I, immediately stand up put the hangers in the wardrobe and also put the blanket in the right position. It made my bed look like a organized one.

This act make me feel very good. I own my responsibility. If you had not asked me to do this now then I did not do this because I was busy doing my project work and I did not pay attention to this thing. But this activity made me realized that we do not need an authority for leadership, we just start taking responsibility and like this we also take responsibility of short things that require our attention.