We live in the world where the random acts of kindness are now very rare. So now let’s prompt everyone that the human being is created as kind but not to be in a race in their life. Here I am Alisha letting you guys know about my act of kindness in one day.

Yum Pink Tea

As you know December has started and yesterday It was raining. So in this situation, I made pink tea for my sister as she like it very much and she wanted to drink it. It is very usual act of kindness but believe me when you do thing for others it feel really amazing.

Learning Goal

My brother did not understand the something about his subject. So, I helped him understand the concept. At that time, I think it is not a big deal but when I am writing about it, it really feels good as I spare some minutes from my busy routine to help him understand his subject.

Creativity Time

# Thank you

Thank you!! Are very magical words in our lives. Today, when I ask my mom to give me a head massage, she was ready to give me a massage after taking head massage from her. I said her “Thank you”. It really feels good because in this busy world we are too much busy that we are unable to use these for others good deeds. My mother also feels very happy after hearing these words from my mouth. So, I just want to tell that we should thank everyone who helps us because these words can bring a huge smile on that person face.

Does not need to say anything, its look say everything?

I really like to bake. Today I bake pizza it was very tasty and my family enjoyed it very much. The color and appetizing smell of pizza attracts you to eat it. As I was very busy in my studies and routine was very hectic to handle. But I took some time out of my timetable and do this activity. When we eat it together all my tensions vanished because spending time with our family is very good time.